Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

This one is delicious, I am making some as we speak. Strangely, when cooked, it tastes just like tomato? Hey ho! I always cook my soups in the slow cooker on low, mainly because it is so easy, takes up so little space and can just bubble away. I use the large oval slow cooker, and just fill with mixture of peeled and chopped sweet potato, unpeeled and chopped carrot and a little peeled and chopped onion. I then add black pepper, a little salt and 3 pints of vegetable stock to fill to brim. I  cook this soup on low for around 6-8 hours, check that all veg are tender…then leave to cool and then liquidise. And there you have it. I make all my soups using the same principle, so made celery, potato and onion a couple of days ago, and will be making parsnip, celery and onion in a couple of days time. If you have a vegetable that does not thicken itself add potato to the ingredients mix. I also add cream cheese at the liquidising stage for some soups, especially broccoli or celery or leek. And try adding a cheese like stilton to celery for a really special taste!

Soups are very cheap to make, and release their energy slowly so are good for us all keeping us “fuller” for longer as well as containing so many vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are vital for health. If one is on a strict tight budget,  [who is not these days!] porridge in the morning, soup at lunch and a main meal later can reduce costs hugely whilst still eating good nutritious foods. And talking of that budget, fish is a fast to prepare/cook protein packed food and is very much cheaper than meat, whilst again, containing so much that is good for us. I always say that fish is my fast food, as most of it does not take more than 10-15 minutes to cook.

I will put up some recipe ideas for fish shortly; and in the meantime do experiment with soups if you have not done so before…tasty!

Sweet Potato


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