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How To Make Cheese From Powdered Milk

A good one to have stored up the sleeve in case of necessity…


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Cost of Living in Britain Rising Fastest in all of Europe

The cost of living in Britain is rising  faster than anywhere in Europe, new figures reveal.

The big squeeze on family finances is being  exacerbated by wages failing to rise in line with prices.

Increases in energy, food and alcohol prices  are fuelling the high inflation rate in the UK, as political leaders clash over  the effect on household disposable income.

League table: New figures from Eurostat show how inflation in the UK is the highest in the EULeague table: New figures from Eurostat show how  inflation in the UK is the highest in the EU

Official figures from the European Union  today show that inflation in September was higher in the UK than in any of the  28 countries.

One average annual inflation across the EU  was 1.3 per cent last month.

But in the UK the figure was 2.7 per cent,  followed by Estonia (2.6 per cent) and the Netherlands (2.4 per  cent).

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Food Price Rises In UK

Food Prices

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We Made National News


The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

“We” as in South Dakota. That doesn’t happen often, so you know it’s serious.

We’ve had some crazy wild weather these past few days, west river receiving a mixture of heavy rain turned snow combined with powerful winds that the unwinterized trees couldn’t support, causing many to break and fall over. My Mom said 80% of her trees are down.

I will be going out there next week with my camera to document the damage, so I will update with pictures then. I don’t want to see it, really, because those trees are as much part of my childhood as the three girls who lived down the trail from us.

Until then, let me tell you about apple butter.


Apple butter is deliciously simple to create. We hand-picked tart apples from our tree, the one Country Man’s grandparents planted some 30 years ago.


The Quick How-To
Wash and slice them…

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