Food Price Rises In UK

Food Prices


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    And they wonder why people are buying junk food.
    It’s all they can afford.

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      Stephanie said,

      Yesterday there was an article in the papers. The Trussell Trust [main food bank in UK] have stated that not only is there a MASSIVE spike in numbers having to get food from them, but that also some of the people were too poor to be able to afford electricity to heat it up…[of course according to our VERY rich MP’s…the problem with the poor is that they do not organise themselves properly….] I absolutely despair of any party that “governs” this nation and wonder if they really believe any of the s*** they verbalise…or whether it would be better suited to be put in our compost heaps!

  2. 3

    This winter is going to get real interesting.
    Eat or keep warm let alone how to heat food if you can get it is going to see a heck of a lot of deaths.
    I just wonder how they are going to hide the death toll from the newspapers or (as is the new norm) will the media just skip that bit?

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